Starting with the 2023.10 release, standard GameDriver licenses which are node-locked will be enforced within the product using a device ID that is specific to each device used to execute tests, whether it is physical or virtual, and including Mobile devices, Consoles, and XR devices (example: Meta Quest 2/3/Pro, HoloLens 2, etc...). Details of this license restriction can be found in the End User License Agreement (EULA) found at

Additional license authorizations are available, allowing you to use GameDriver on any available machine up to the total number of licenses purchased. For more information on purchasing "unlocked" licenses, please contact

Editor Instructions

To obtain a node-locked license, you must first identify the device(s) to be used for testing and install GameDriver by following the instructions for your given platform found in the Unity or Unreal sections of the Support portal. Once installed, you can find the device ID of the machine using the steps below.

Unity Editor

The device ID can be found in the About dialog, and the console log as shown:

The device ID can be copied/pasted from the "License ID" shown above.

You can also find this listed in the editor log as a "Device Identifier" shown below:

Unreal Engine Editor

Similarly, you can find the appropriate values upon installation in the Unreal editor menu under GameDriver Info:

The device ID can be copied/pasted from the "Device Id" as seen below.

You can also find this value in the logs listed as "Device Identifier":

Mobile Platforms

Working with mobile devices using node-locked licenses will require you to build (with GameDriver) for the device once, and then capture the device is detected by the GameDriver agent in the appropriate log.


For Android, including XR devices built on Android, this can be found by running "adb logcat" at a command line and filtering for your appropriate app bundle or tag using the -s flag. The Device ID/HostID will be mentioned in an error, as shown below:


For iOS, this identifier is a little trickier. Due to Apple's security policy and app sandboxing, this identifier is ephemeral for each vendor and is generated upon the first app installed on the device or simulator. This means the first app will determine the ID generated, and each subsequent app will use that same ID. Once all apps from the same vendor are removed from the device/simulator, reinstalling any app will result in a new vendor ID.

To workaround this limitation, we recommend installing an empty application onto the device first, then capturing the ID from the log as found in XCode below:

Important!!: Once you have the DeviceId/HostID from the iOS device, be sure to leave the empty app on the device to maintain that ID. Once all apps under the vendor are removed, the original DeviceId/HostID will no longer be valid until the process is repeated.

Obtaining a License

Once you have the DeviceId/hostID as shown above, you can obtain a valid license by emailing the following information to your account manager.

  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Company:
  • Total licenses purchased:
  • Device ID(s)/hostID(s) to be activated:
  • Friendly names for each Device ID:

The license will be made available via the GameDriver website under the Member > Download page:

A download link will appear next to each:

For each platform to be tested, place the appropriate license file into the GDIO\Resources folder of your editor.

Multiple node-locked licenses

Starting from version 2024.03, you can save multiple licenses to a subfolder called GDIOLicenses to simplify distribution across multiple machines or devices. Simply create the folder within the GDIO\Resources directory, and copy the license files there. For example:

The logic used for license validation is as follows:

  • Resources\gdio.license.txt                                    ✔
  • Resources\1234.gdio.license.txt                            X
  • Rerources\GDIOLicenses\gdio.license.txt             ✔
  • Resources\GDIOLicenses\1234.gdio.license.txt    

If you experience any issues with licenses, please contact