Current as of the 2024.03 release.

Unity 2019.4Unity 2020.3Unity 2021.3Unity 2022.2Unity 2023.xUnreal Engine 4.27Unreal Engine 5.1Unreal Engine 5.2Unreal Engine 5.3Godot
Windows - Legacy Input
Windows - New InputNA
macOS (Intel) - Legacy Input✔*
macOS (Intel) - New InputNA
macOS (ARM) - Legacy Input✔*✔*✔*✔*
macOS (ARM) - New InputNAXXXNA
Linux - Legacy InputXXXXXX
Linux - New InputXXXXXNA
Android (ARM-64) - Legacy Input
Android (ARM-64) - New InputNA
iOS - Legacy Input
iOS - New InputNA
WebGL - New InputXXXX
VR - New InputE

VR - Legacy InputEX**NA
Nintendo Switch - New InputXNA
Microsoft Xbox - New InputXXXXXNA
Apple Vision ProNANANANANA

Old HPath Engine✔*✔*✔*✔*✔*NANANANANA
Object Explorer
HPath Debugger
Remote Object ExplorerX**

E = Editor only

X = Not supported

Blanks are planned for a future release.

✔* = Please contact if needed.

X** = Known issue. To be resolved in a near-term release.

Note: All stated Unity versions are supported as of the LTS release.